Suitable for anyone wishing to define their eye shape, eye size or eye colour.

A correctly shaped brow will frame your face and improve your overall appearance.

Ideal for those who wear lipstick or lip liner on a regular basis.

The Ultimate Permanent Make-Up Experience

Permanent Make Up is the placement of pharmaceutical grade pigments into the dermal layer of the skin using the most advanced technology.
Permanent Make Up may be used to enhance your features or to create perfectly applied make up so you will look your best at all times.
Using my creative skills and artistic flare, I will create a perfect result for you which may well exceed your expectations, whether it be beautifully defined eyes, the perfect shaped brows or the contoured lips you've always desired.
Each client's individual features, skin tone, personality and expectations are discussed thoroughly during a consultation so that together we ensure maximum satisfaction.
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What our customers say

I'm very pleased with everything I've had done! Can't ever imagine me without it, I love it! Sarah, Essex